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A little taste of PIE,

PIE, Project Import Export
was created by anarchitect
turned furniture designer,
Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta,
who wanted to explore the
ultimate concept of Living
Space in relation to the
complexity of nature. With
an assistance of his wife,
Michelle Sribyatta, PIE,
project import export was
created in spring 2005.  

PIE’s furniture and products
are hand-crafted mostly from
natural materials and designed
to imitate nature. PIE’s eco-
friendly furniture is composed
of water hyacinth, liana, bamboo
and rattan.  

PIE’s design philosophy is to make
furniture an art form.  PIE’s curvaceous
profiles and rich textures generate warmth
and sensuality to its furniture. PIE’s furniture is
suitable for indoor and covered outdoor commercial & residential.

PIE has been published in several popular publications. PIE’s
furniture was featured in the Los Angeles Times, Interior Design
Magazine, Metropolis Magazine, TIME Magazine the Miami Herald,
Blueprint Directory and Home Innovative Magazine to name a few.

P I E... "A  b e t t e r  m o d e r n  l i f e s t y l e ”
photograph by
Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta