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photograph by Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta

Products featured in Project Import Export, Inc. are copyrighted by the artists/designers. All Rights Reserved.
How to get a piece of PIE?
Please contact PIE via e-mail for pricing, products detail and specifications.  Due to a huge demand on most of
our furniture please contact us for your order time line.  Trade, wholesale and retail are welcome.  
What are the flavors?
PIE works directly with designers and manufacturers.  We can design and customize our furniture to fit your
residential and commercial projects.  Architects and interior designers are welcome.
What are the toppings?
PIE's offers a huge selection of hand-crafted home accessories.  We continuously update our online catalogue.
Please contact us for more details.  Wholesale and retail are welcome.
Where to buy?
Please check back for a list of retail stores featuring our products or contact us directly via e-mail.
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