A Little Taste of PIE:

PIE studio [Project Import Export, Inc.] was created by, Bannavis
Andrew Sribyatta, a Miami based designer, who wants to explore the
ultimate concept of "Living Space" in relation to the complexity
of nature.  PIE studio was created and launched its first line in
Los Angeles.  The Eco Friendly / Modern Green Furniture line
design by PIE studio became an overnight success.  

Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta, a Pratt Institute and Columbia
University School of Architecture Graduate, worked several years
in eminent architectural firms in Los Angeles, New York and Miami
prior to partner up with his long time friend Damian Ponton to
create FLUX (Fractal Lab for Underground Experimental), which
focuses on the build environment and later PIE studio was form as
a solo project focuses on furniture and objects.  The restlessness
love of design allows him to manage his time on architecture,
interior design and furniture design all at the same time.  

PIE studio furniture is hand-crafted mostly from natural materials
and designed to imitate nature.  PIE’s Eco Friendly furniture is
composed of water hyacinth, liana, bamboo, rattan and recyclable
polyethylene.  These materials are renewable; however, some of
these natural materials are considered harmful to the ecosystem,
and some are naturally and rapidly grown in abundance without
having any specific usage.  These plants are often cut down and
destroyed to help keep the balance in the environment.  PIE studio
takes these wasteful natural materials to create modern green
furniture.  In doing so, PIE studio is helping the environment by
putting these menacing plants into good use.  PIE’s curvaceous
profiles and rich textures generate warmth and sensuality to its
furniture.  PIE’s furniture is suitable indoor and outdoor use;
perfect for commercial and residential settings.  PIE studio
design philosophy is to make furniture an art form and make art
function as furniture.  Each year PIE studio reveals its new
product lines on the West Coast at CAboom Design Show, Los Angeles
and East Coast at ICFF [International Contemporary Furniture Fair]
in New York City.

PIE studio has completed significant projects in collaboration
with top design firms such as the Rockwell Group, Crème Design,
the Getty’s Group and Stan Allen Architects with projects such as
Nobu Restaurants, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave, Distrito
Restaurants, James Hotel, Parker Meridient, and Hyatt Regency to
name a few.  PIE studio has been featured in several popular books
and publications; Interior Design Magazine, Architectural Records,
Metropolis Magazine, Wallpaper Magazine, the Los Angeles Times,
TIME Magazine and Transmaterial book….  PIE studio has been
selected as one of the top 20 eco design product exhibiting at the
Shelburne Museum, invited exhibition to the largest green design
exhibition in Europe: Matières à cultiver in Paris, Clean Break
green exhibition with Design Philadelphia, a solo installation at
Bridge Gallery NYC during the New York Design Week 2008 and chosen
to collaborate with LEXUS sustainable lifestyle concept, “LEXUS
Hybrid Living” as one of its feature designers.  PIE studio also
appeared on Sundance Channel “the Green” and a radio interview
with at LIME network with Josh Dorfman [the Lazy
Environmentalist].  Mr. Sribyatta has been an invited lecturer at
CAboom Design, 10x10 Miami and Green Flamingo to name a few.  In
2006 PIE’s Steel Tongue chair became a permanent collection to the
Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum - Smithsonian Institution
NYC.  PIE’s Sushi Daybed received Best of Year Award in 2008 for
outdoor seating selected by Interior Design Magazine.

PIE studio Highlights


*Best of Year Award 2008 by Interior Design Magazine for outdoor

*Best of the Best Award 2008 by Florida International Magazine for
green designs.

*Best of Year Honor Award 2006 by Interior Design Magazine for
outdoor seating.

Museums / Curated exhibitions:

*Steel Tongue chair became a permanent collection to the Cooper-
Hewitt, National Design Museum -Smithsonian Institution NYC in

*Spoon Lounge is called top 20 green products, selected exhibition
at the Shelburne Museum, Vermont in 2007.

*PIE studio was invited to exhibit at the largest green design
exhibition in Paris, Matières à cultiva in 2007.

*Sushi Daybed was selected by Salon Préférance Habitat for
exhibition at Nantes, France 2008.

*Sushi Daybed and Mouth chair were selected for green traveling
exhibition with Matières à cultiva in Europe begin at Lausanne,
Switzerland 2009.

*PIE studio was invited to create an installation (WASTED) at
Bridge Gallery during the New York Design Week 2008.

*PIE studio was invited as a permanent / traveling sustainable
installation with the National Building Museum, Washington DC,
2007 - 2009

Publications / Appearances:

*PIE studio was selected by Sundance Channel “The Green” as a
featured designer for Big Idea for a Small Planet, directed by
Robert Redford. The Episode filmed at PIE studio, aired on April
8, 2008 and continued through 2009.

*PIE studio on Channel 4 news with Mayor's Manny Diaz event
Gateway to Green

*PIE studio on CW 39 the morning show, Earthday

*PIE studio was selected to be published in Transmaterial 2 book;
A Catalog of Materials that Redefine our Physical Environment.  
The book includes, Spacehog, Steel Tongue, Leech Chaise and
Tonecoon. 2007

*PIE studio spent a day with Josh Dorfman “The Lazy
Environmentalist” for a 1 on 1 radio interview at LIME network,

*PIE studio on Channel 7 news, Going Green “More Bang for your
Bucks” 2006.

*PIE studio on California Gold with Huell Howser, 2005.

*PIE studio invited Lecture/discussion at CAboom, Los Angeles
2006, 10x10 Miami 2008, and Green Flamingo 2008 and Design Matters
with Home Miami Magazine 2009.
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