Amazon is an e-commerce giant that very few corporations can contend with. With the introduction of Amazon Prime, members get access to free shipping, thousands of digital media items and most importantly, free returns. When shopping for toilet paper or even a new mattress, consumers almost always check there first!

Why are mattresses so much cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else? How does this company save you so much money?

No Physical Storefronts To ‘Man’

The key ingredient to the success of Amazon is not having a physical storefront or business location. The company does everything online and that makes it a success. The only real estate they dabble in is owning or renting warehouses where massive amounts of product are stored. On the other hand, when you look at mattress stores on a local scale, they have to man the store, pay for storefront rental costs while also creating ample storage space.

In short, Amazon only has to store their stuff and it’s available for purchase all day, every day! By not having the same overhead costs as a local company in a brick and mortar location, Amazon can sell mattresses cheaper. It’s also worth noting that Amazon is a marketplace where companies can sell their own products and introduce their brands.

FBA or Fulfilled By Amazon is a much used service by nationwide companies. It allows a seller to mail their products to Amazon and have them handle the shipping and storing. This helps mattress retailers offer even lower prices as they don’t need to account for storage space and they can focus on providing better service.

Free Shipping For Everyone!

Mattresses are heavy and they are expensive to ship. In fact, part of the allure of online shopping is procuring free shipping to offset the costs of buying a new mattress. Amazon is great at providing free shipping options in more ways than one. As it currently stands, your item automatically ships free if it totals $25 or more— whether you’re a Prime member or not. This basically means your mattress will ship free.

Should you choose Prime membership down the line, you also have the option of having your new mattress arrive within two days. This means that opting for a simple $12.99/ month membership gets you free and quick delivery. You eliminate the need to spend time and money driving to and from the local mattress store. As a welcome added bonus, you also save with your new mattress!

Explore Lesser Known Brands

The real key to offering cheap and affordable mattresses is quite simple— expand the database of brands and manufacturers. Smaller mattress manufacturers just don’t have the marketing team or the inclination to get their names out there. However, this doesn’t mean their products aren’t far superior to their more well-known and expensive counterparts! It comes as a surprise to many that there is a world beyond Serta, Sealy and Sleep Number.

Amazon allows smaller manufacturers to get the most out of their online selling platforms. By charging low commissions and offering a fair service, many smaller companies sell their wares on Amazon. This, in turn, nets you some of the best deals you will ever find online!

Healthy Competition With Pricing

Perhaps the real reason you will find affordable products on Amazon is simply thanks to their marketplace. Companies have many competitors, and when it comes to pricing, charging too much for their stuff will halt their overall progress. When you have a highly rated mattress for $150, why choose something double the cost? The healthy competition keeps the marketplace in check and forces sellers to re-evaluate their pricing strategies.

Many Products Are Made Overseas

It’s a fact that many Americans shun overseas mass manufactured products, but when you can’t afford expensive furnishings, purchasing imports is a good way to cut costs. Amazon does not discriminate against imports and allows for the selling of mattresses from faraway places like China. These mattresses are still great quality and well worth the ‘risk’, but inherently, where they were made is a turn-off for many!

Amazon is a leader in affordable pricing and giving people what they want. By employing great marketing tactics and opening their marketplace to affordable sellers, you can save a great deal of money on your next mattress purchase!